About Us

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About Us

APSDA (Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association) is an International Deaf-led faith based organization started by groups of Deaf Christians across Asia Pacific countries.

Our Vision

To see every Deaf person in the world understanding that they are valued and loved by God and living a life of dignity full of joy and peace.


It has been a long time dream for Deaf Christians to have the Bible in their heart language, in a sign language. In September 2009, Asia Sign Language Translation Association(ASTA) was formed to promote Sign Language Bible Translation(SLBT) in Asian countries. While ASTA was working on SLBT work, it was noticed that many countries in Asia were still behind in community development especially in the field of sign language and education. ASTA decided to expand its work to include community development focusing on sign language and education.

On 24 and 25 November 2011, participants from 12 countries including Australia and New Zealand attended a set up meeting in South Korea. After two full days of discussion, Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association (APSDA) was formally established on 25 November 2011.

In September, 2012, APSDA was registered as a General Incorporated Association in Japan.

Currently, APSDA is comprised of 15 member organizations, and committed to serving and empowering Deaf people throughout Asia Pacific.

Our Core Values

Action in Love—We do everything with love and based on Christian Values.
Partnership and Networking—We serve as a bridge between different organizations and individuals.
Sign Language, heart language of the Deaf—We value Sign language as the heart language of the Deaf.
Deaf Identity and Deaf Culture—We value each Deaf person and his or her unique culture.
Advocacy and Empowerment—We promote education and equal rights for Deaf.

About APSDA Logo


The APSDA logo was designed by an Indonesian Deaf person.
The blue colour symbolizes a cool, calm, quiet, and peaceful feeling which represents compassion, comfort and protection.
The red colour symbolizes that it can generate energy, warm, communicative, optimistic, enthusiastic, and passionate.
The globe  symbolizes proclaiming the good news of God kingdom.
The left hand in the “5” position means sign language. The clenched right hand is the letter “A” and refers to APSDA.