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Tokyo Deaf Baptist Fellowship

Christ has commissioned every believer to preach the Gospel and make disciples.

3 WAYS to Support APSDA


Our task and goal is immense. Without God’s powerful intervention, we will not accomplish our vision. As a Christian based organization, we recognize the power and importance of prayer. Please keep us in your prayers.


Regardless whether you are Deaf or Hearing, do you have the same vision as us? Is Sign Language recognized as a language by your country? Contact us to see if we can partner with you.



As a non-profit organization, we are supported by the people who share our vision. Your financial contribution will help us move forward on accomplishing its vision. For giving method, see below.

Giving via Credit card
(a convenient method for those living outside of Japan)

WorldVenture kindly opened up a special project for APSDA to receive donations from all over the world by credit card. (Tax-deductible for Americans)  You can find APSDA as one of the projects to fund through credit card.
Online giving screenshot

a convenient method for those living outside of Japan

  1. Go to and click “Donate”
  2. In the project search field, type “Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association” or just “Asia Pacific” and select it, then click “Donate”.

Giving via Yucho ATM in Japan

You can send donation to APSDA at the ATM of Yucho (Japan post bank). Here is the step to use their ATM.
1. Press “English”
2. Choose “Remittance” then “Enter
3. Insert your Yucho card or passbook and enter your “PIN number
4. Type in code number: 001308
5. Type in Account number: 322754