Core Activities of APSDA

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1. Sign Language Bible Translation

We believe that every person, Deaf and Hearing, should have access to God’s Word in the language that speaks to their heart. Sadly, there are no complete translations of God’s Word in any sign language, leaving few opportunities for the Deaf to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. We promote the importance of the Scripture in sign languages. As well, we send Deaf workers from different countries to run workshops so that Deaf are better equipped for the task of Bible translation.

2. Networking & Information sharing

Deaf from various countries in Asia Pacific region are discussing for future work and networking to help each others.

Deaf from various countries in Asia Pacific region discussing future work and networking to help each other.

We serve as a bridge between APSDA’s 15 member organizations and sign language linguistic consultants. As well, we gather linguistic information about sign languages in Asia Pacific and share it with partner organizations.
We work in cooperation with partner organizations and individuals who share our vision.

3. Sign language development & advocacy

In many places, the use of signing is discouraged and Deaf people are marginalized. Many Deaf people have not had opportunities to receive adequate education and learn about their rights. We advocate for the rights of Deaf people through sign language research & development.