South East Asia SL workshop in Bangkok!

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Scroll down to watch the sign language video report by Rev. Minamida.

[English translation]

Hello. In the middle of May, a joint translation workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of more than 40 participants attended this event, including facilitators and teams of 4 Deaf coming from 6 different countries in South East Asia.

This is the first time we used picture books, which were published by Hong Kong Bible Society, for translation into sign language. Participants and facilitators discussed the meaning of the translation, sign language expression, learned skills for recording and lighting, as well as video editing. They also learned how to conduct a comprehension check and to adjust their ways of signing to make it easier to understand. These activities helped the participants to drastically improve their signing skills and editing techniques.

Although sign languages vary from country to country, we found it very helpful to discuss methods and techniques for better translation among Deaf participants. We also recorded some stories into sign languages. Dr. Seree, General Secretary of Thai Bible Society, told us that he was very impressed to see how Deaf people can work together and help each other even when their sign languages are different.

During the workshop, the participants discussed future plans of translation so that they can continue their work after returning to their home countries. The participants became more motivated and determined to do sign language Bible translation, but in order for them to pursuit their work, they need financial support. If they have enough funds, they will be able to concentrate on sign language Bible translation,so that Deaf people can understand God’s Word—the same way the written Bible is understood by hearing people.

If you are willing to support their work, please contact APSDA office at You can support them through APSDA and contribute to God’s work for Deaf people. Thank you for your continuous prayers and support.

During the SE Asia workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, Filipino Deaf Ryan (PDSLA) is discussing about the story of the prodigal son with another Deaf from the Philippines.