Report from YALABISI

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[English Translation]

Hello, my name is SimKuo and my sign name is like this. I am from Indonesia.

I am a president of YALABISI(YAYASAN LEMBAGA ALKITAB BAHASA ISYARAT INDONESIA). Sign name of YALABISI is like this. “Y” handshape stands for Yayasan, “L”stands for Lembaga and “I” stands for the sign language of Isyarat Indonesia. We circulate this handshape to represent sign language and the handshape of the left hand stands for Bible.

YALABISI is newly established in March 2012. I called representatives from different churches for discussion and agreed to establish YALABISI. The team of YALABISI visited the office of Indonesia Bible Society to request their support. Indonesia Bible Society told us that YALABISI needed to be legally recognized and we worked hard to receive the certificate. We filed necessary papers and succeeded. Now we are trying to get funds. It is not easy but we continue to work on it.

Currently we borrow a room at a Church to set up a studio with a church camcorder. We translate record and edit. So far, we have completed 8 stories out of 32 stories. Currently Yalabisi has just registered a bank account number in the name of Yalabisi to receive the funds from the donaturs. It is important to have a bank account of YALABISI name to be printed in the monthly bank statements to receive funds to continue our work.

 My dream is to set up an office for administration and recording. We need equipment such as lights and a camcorder with videoing memory card slots. It will be great to have an office with desks which is big enough for several staff to work together. We need your prayer to help us to bring God’s Words to Deaf people who are not saved yet. Only few are Christian and many Deaf people in Indonesia have not accepted Jesus. Please continue to pray that YALABISI can bring those people to Jesus Christ.

YALABISI president Sim Kuo expresses his appreciation to APSDA, SIL and all the churches who contributed toward the purchase of a computer and video camera for the Indonesian sign language project.


During a workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, the YALABISI team practices a comprehension check with Eiji Matsumoto (APSDA president) and a SIL translation consultant. A “comprehension check” during Bible translation determines if the Deaf can understand the meaning of the translated Scripture without any prior Scripture knowledge. To get the best results, a comprehension check often invites non Christians to watch.