2016 Greeting Video

Read in: Japanese

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Duration: 3 min. 42 sec.
Subtitle: English

Translation in English:
Hello, I am Rev. Lee Yeong-Bin who is Vice President of APSDA. Greeting from Korea and to be blessed on New Year!
Today, Glory to God for all plan and works of God for a year 2016 be filled with pleasure and be blessed to you.
Now, I am Vice President of APSDA, and also the Head of Korean Christian Sign Language Research (KCSL) in Korea.
KCSL was established on October 26, 2013. In spite of many difficulties, we meet every Thursday for translating Words of God into sign Sign Language. We are translating into Sign Language after selected the most important and famous words out of 66 books of Bible. If we calculate Words of God that have translated into Sign Language until now, may be near fifty films. Deaf does not easy to read emotionally and burningly Words of God with ability communicating through Sign Language.
Instead of it, if Deaf see the Screen of Words of God translating into Sign Language, they can understand and be pleasure in emotion. Because of it, Researchers make efforts to translate words of God.
Reverends gather every Thursday, they come from distant Regions to Seoul. And they work from 10am to 6pm after morning prayer and worship.
They are divided into two groups. On one Thursday, one group focuses on the study of signs to be used for SLBT and the other group shoots films using the signs decided after the study. The next Thursday, they exchange their work. They take turns every Thursday.
Suddenly we are becoming in the situations that have to relocate the Research office on Feb.17, But we have no office room and place to move. Please pray for our Good Office Room to move.
APSDA has established firstly on Nov.24-25, 2011 at Gwang Lim of Pocheon in Korea.
Since then, we hold meetings every year. In 2012, we gathered in the Philippines to hold a workshop to discuss about Know-How and challenges of SLBT to learn from each other. The annual meetings were held in Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia and Korea participated the meeting.
Currently we have membership of around 15 countries, including Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia and we gather for the meeting for discussion and fellowship.
Please pray for works of APSDA, we can work hard! Please help us!
Thank you