Watch the APSDA PR video!

Read in: Japanese

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Duration: 3 min. 26 sec.
Audio Narration: English

Translation in English:
Hello! Thanks for watching this video.
In the next few minutes, I will tell you about APSDA–Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association.

APSDA is involved in 3 types of work.

First, is S. L. B. T. which stands for Sign Language Bible Translation.
This means translating the word of God, “The Bible”, into sign language.
Have you seen the Bible in Sign Language?

[Playing John 3:16 in Japanese Sign Language ]

What did you think? In this clip, the Bible was video-recorded into Japanese Sign Language. Once production is finished, the video is distributed via DVD, YouTube and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Some pastors also use the signed Bible to preach sermons at Deaf churches. But the sign language Bible is not just in Japanese. There are many sign languages used within Asia.

Around the world, there are about 6800 languages being used, and 400 of them are signed languages. Of those 400, about 130 are used in Asia Pacific.
Sadly, only 25 have a Bible translation project in progress.

APSDA’s desire is to have the Bible available in sign language—the heart language of deaf people. The actual work of Bible translation is done by local Deaf organizations that partner with APSDA. Currently there are 15 organizations.

The 2nd thing APSDA does is networking. APSDA is a bridge of communications for different Deaf organizations. Once a month, Deaf representatives from various countries meet via video conference, and once a year APSDA members gather for the annual general meeting. APSDA also conducts translation workshops where Deaf from different countries can teach technical skills & knowledge to each other.

3rdly, APSDA is involved in advocacy. In many places in Asia the use of sign language is still discouraged and many Deaf are marginalized. APSDA’s vision is to help Deaf people understand that they are valued and loved by God and to affirm their dignity.