Indonesian SL

South East Asia SL workshop in Bangkok!

Scroll down to watch the sign language video report by Rev. Minamida. [English translation] Hello. In the middle of May, a joint translation workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand. A total of more than 40 participants attended this event, including facilitators and teams of 4 Deaf coming from 6 different countries in South East Asia. […]

Report from YALABISI

[English Translation] Hello, my name is SimKuo and my sign name is like this. I am from Indonesia. I am a president of YALABISI(YAYASAN LEMBAGA ALKITAB BAHASA ISYARAT INDONESIA). Sign name of YALABISI is like this. “Y” handshape stands for Yayasan, “L”stands for Lembaga and “I” stands for the sign language of Isyarat Indonesia. We […]